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Mordy Oberstein

Note: I do not actively update this site on a regular basis. Please visit my LinkedIn profile for current information. 

 Mordy  Oberstein   
Brand Marketing, Content Strategy, & SEO

Mordy is the Head of SEO Brand at Wix . Previously he served as the company's SEO Liaison and was a member of its SEO advisory board.


Prior to his current role Mordy was the Head of Communications for Semrush where he still serves as a communications consultant. 


As a public persona within the SEO industry, Mordy was the founding host of the In Search SEO Podcast, and co-host of the Behind the SEOs podcast. You can also hear Mordy discuss the world of SEO on The SEO Rant Podcast as well as on the SERP's Up: The Best SEO Podcast and on Edge of the Web. 

You can find frequently find Mordy helping people Learn SEO on the Wix SEO Hub, as well as sharing his insights on Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and at conferences around the globe. 

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